Apartment-Safe Decorating

The Stonefire Apartments Blog has several tips to help you decorate your apartment home this month. We hope that our tips help you add some color to your apartment in a safe way. Use our tips to make your Stonefire apartment feel like home.


Hang a couple scenic tapestries on your walls. You can find tapestries of woodland scenes, sunsets, beach scenes, and more. Find a tapestry with a background that you love — after all, you’ll be seeing it everyday.

Colorful accessories

Colorful coasters, quirky quilts, and cool knick knacks can do a lot to brighten up a room. Scatter fun little accessories all over your Stonefire apartment. Put meaningful objects from people you care about throughout your apartment. Souvenirs from your vacations can be great decorations, and they usually have fun memories associated with them 

Posters and Pictures

Hang pictures of your favorite memories on the walls, posters of your favorite movies, and posters with fun and quirky sayings up. Hang up a map with pins marking the places you’ve been and the places you hope to go.


Buy bright colored or uniquely shaped furniture for your apartment home. Put up a bookshelf with your favorite books on it. Buy a coffee table or an ottoman for your living room, and put an armchair in your bedroom. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your furniture.


Hang curtains up for privacy and also to make your windows look even bigger. Hang your curtains wider and higher than your windows for a spacier feel. Pick unique colors and mix patterns and colors for a unique look. Just remember to pick curtains that complement the color scheme of your apartment.

Do you have any apartment decorating tips for us? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post!

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